Just Call Me A Masochist

The first marathon and last race I competed in was over 5 years ago.  I ran the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon which was, from what I remember, exhausting yet exhilarating.  Leading… Continue reading

Something New!

I love new things. Bright, shiny, lovely packaging, new car smell, virgin territory, never been explored before- new.   There’s an intrigue and mystery that surrounds it.  I become ambitious of the new, especially… Continue reading


Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Image via Flickr user The Library of Congress Most of us could stand to exercise more (or at all) and health and fitness blogs are beloved by…

It Takes 30 Days To Form A Habit- So Make It A Good One

I read somewhere, probably the internet so it must be true, that it takes 30 days to form a habit.  Depending on the intensity/enjoyment of the habit it may take less.  For example… Continue reading

Support Old MacDonald- Save Moola!

The notion that in order to eat organically you need to have the surname Kardashian or Aniston, shop at Whole Foods or the organic aisle at your local supermarket is not true.  The… Continue reading

No Membership Needed!

Every January it never fails, one of the top, if not the #1 New Year’s Resolution people make is to get in shape and lose weight.  Folks tend to go strong for 60… Continue reading

11 Years & 41 LBS Later

In January 2009 just having relocated to the East Coast, living in West Long Branch New Jersey I began to notice the full effects of my poor lifestyle choices on my body.  I… Continue reading