No Membership Needed!

Every January it never fails, one of the top, if not the #1 New Year’s Resolution people make is to get in shape and lose weight.  Folks tend to go strong for 60 to 90 days before they start to taper off because they get burnt out.  Yet ironically, due to most gym contracts, continue to pay fees for a place they no longer frequent.  This is crazy, but all too often the reality.

Truth be told, though I personally enjoy trips to the gym, 30 of the 41 lbs lost were without the use of a gym.  It was really a lifestyle change.  For instance instead of driving to work I walked to and from 15 blocks each way, and living in Hoboken NJ we generally walked EVERYWHERE.  I substituted water for soda, especially as I was crazy thirsty.  When we ate out I’d I split the meal in half saving it for dinner, which almost never happened as my husband with his irritatingly high metabolism would eat it after having devoured his own meal. Took the PATH train into Manhattan and explored the city and its wonderful sights and parks.

Once pounds began to shed I incorporated enjoyable activities such as hiking and jogging, then kicking it up a notch I sported 5-10lb hand weights.  Be creative, if you hang with your girls at the bar or clubs- mix it up and invite them river rafting, on a downtown walk exploring shops, bike riding, whatever gets you out.  Bottom line, the gym is a great place to get your fitness on, but if you’re on a budget like I was, or feel your routine is stale, find new ways to have fun and break a sweat.  Don’t wait until January, start today, right now.


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