Something New!

I love new things. Bright, shiny, lovely packaging, new car smell, virgin territory, never been explored before- new.   There’s an intrigue and mystery that surrounds it.  I become ambitious of the new, especially how I feel about it and the effect and impact that new will have on my life.  This applies to just about all things new, whether they be relationships- the first kiss that melts your body.  Clothing- how did I ever exist before without these amazing jeans.  Technology-this IPAD has revolutionized my life.  Exercise routine, okay this is new about every four months but still entered into with the same ambition and excitement.  Then like all things you take it for granted, get bored and look for the next best thing.  This scenario plagues me a couple times a year when it comes to my workout routine.  At the moment, dare I admit it, I have become….bored.  A friend recently mentioned that I should trudged head on into reaching my weight loss goal of dropping another 20lbs by working out 2 hours everyday for the next few weeks.  Once my goal is reached its all about maintaining it.  I understand the logic of it and wish I had the interest to do it, however as I’m not training for the winter Olympics, more than likely it’ll last 2 days- at best 3.

So I ask myself, what is it I should do to keep up the motivation to stay healthy and active and stave off weight gain so prominent with the upcoming holidays?  The only answer I’ve come up with so far is to leave the gym.  Not permanently of course, but spend more time outside with activities that aren’t burning 800 calories, but nonetheless keeping me active and interested.  Lately I’ve taken to riding my bike which lends a sense of exhilaration and adventure.  I remember back in the day before I had a license, (over 18 years ago now) I loved getting on my bike and riding anywhere and everywhere.  My mom was an avid biker in her 30’s, mostly from necessity as we either didn’t have a car, or one that ran well enough to drive further than 5 miles.  We used to ride over 20 miles each way to the dentist office for our appointments, she’d haul ass with my baby sister riding in tow and a stereo in the front basket blaring Rick James’ “Superfreak”.  My other sister Kelly and I’d always scrambling to keep up with her.   It-was-AWESOME.  Today you need a car to get around most places, but in times when only a bike will do, well break it out!

I’m open to suggestions as to how you keep motivated and inspired.  Keeping consistently active I’ve learned is extremely important and armed with options, especially for personalities like mine that crave the variety and newness, it comes in handy.


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